PGT Holdings purchases Downtown Manhattan Property

PGT Holdings purchases Downtown Manhattan Property Manhattan,NYC—PTGroup  has acquired the 109-apartment building in downtown Manhattan and the 123-suite undeveloped hotel in San Juan PR. PTGroup CEO and Owner  V.T Williams explained the properties would be developed into corporate and luxury residences. PTGroup owns vacation rentals worldwide and has lately decided to develop their luxury vacation rental brand.In addition, PTGroup is developing a 127-room corporate timeshare vacation rental on Stoney Crest Island, scheduled to open in the late summer. When that property opens, PTGroup will own 200 properties in the USA/Europe/Asian market, a strategic move to allow the company to better serve its corporate and luxury guests.PTGroup earlier this year became the first company to develop an interactive booking app using a remote control on ROKU. Speaking to the company's software developer Ashun Aslanger he explained to us that a guest could now reserve any one of their luxury vacation properties worldwide from their ROKU and television set.

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Introducing PGT Charters

Perdon Global Travel has purchased 3 luxury yachts . The yachts which will be available for charter on April 21st .The three yachts will be located in Miami FL , San Francisco CA and Seattle WA ports. The GM of Operations Mr Ale Wang said the company looks forward to being part of the competitive Luxury Cruise Industry and is considering the option end of 2017. All 3 yachts hold up to 32 people have 19 crew members.
Mr Ale Wang explained that the company is working to met the needs and demands of their luxury travel agency by giving their customers more options .
Perdon Global Travel is a brand of PTGroup which owns and operates hotels,luxury vacation rentals. air charters and exotic car rentals worldwide.The company started operations in 2013 and employs 400 people worldwide.
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Alex Yang

Welcome to Alex Yang who will now take the position of Public Relations & Marketing Director .Alex was born in Las Vegas,NV and lives the with his wife and 3 children.Mr Yang has a graduated from UNLV with a MBA in Marketing."I am looking forward to with company and expanding into different markets of travel"Mr Yang is an avid traveler and brings with him 13 years experience in the travel industry."I believe travel will not only open your eyes to different cultures and experiences, but it will advance your humanity and kindness towards being different".There is so much to experience so many people to learn from and maybe if we all would take the time to travel we would learn a thing or two.Welcome to the team Alex .




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